Birth and Death – fifteen hours of you

I wait for Wednesdays
Wait so eagerly, impatiently
Counting every breath
That I can seen you.
But when you leave,
Say goodbye every night
My heart is broken.
And I am okay
As it get patched up,
Piece by piece
In the hope that I see you
See you again the next evening.
But on Friday,
Friday, when you leave
I am devastated
I fall into the depths,
Depths of Eternity
Depths of Darkness
A Place of No Return
My heart is broken
Broken into millions of pieces
And I am okay
For when I close my eyes
All I can see is you.

(So I wake up
Wake up from my slumber
From the Eternal Sleep
Start to breathe
Breathe again to wait
Wait for another Wednesday
For another fifteen hours of you.)

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