I was born and brought up in India, in Kerala. It is called God’s Own Country, green, full of coconut trees and many rivers. My father was a driver. My mother is a house wife. I have two brothers. The elder one does business in Dubai. Younger one is a Bhrata Natyam dancer and an Astrologist, staying with parents.

After obtaining Ph. D in Physics from India I worked in research labs in Germany, France and here in US. In Boston I met Tom Todoroff and got an opportunity to pursue what I always wanted to do, acting. I decided to join Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in New York City and I graduated from the conservatory.

I do Bollywood and break dance. I sing Bollywood and Indian semi-classical songs. I love swimming and inline roller skating. I am looking forward to learn dirt-motor-bike riding and horse riding.

I love animals, grew up with cats and dogs and snakes were around, plenty of them. Mahouts walks elephants on the road in front my home to temple festivals and I used to feed them coconuts and plantains. Once I cried one whole day asking my father to get me an elephant. I dream of adopting a rescued elephant in one of the elephant sanctuaries in Kerala, at some point in my life.

I dream of acting opposite to Meryl Streep in a leading role in a film.

There are a lot of orphanages in Kerala. Their conditions are poor. I want to earn enough money so that I would be able to visit them regularly and be able to arrange for the education of the children there. I want to spread the idea of Neighborhood Sharing where a rich parents can support, say buy books or a pencil for a neighboring kid who can’t for it.